Coronavirus (COVID-19) Elbump Self-quarantine Infographic

Elbump in Self-quarantine

Keep safe, observe self-quarantine, and elbump.

In the absurdity and the chaos that has erupted following the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and the epic mismanagement of the crisis by elected leaders and politicians, American Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel has a rather unusual and hilarious take on how we would curb the spread; that the #elbump replaces the handshake.

While it may be seen as crass to laugh in the face of a pandemic that has claimed numerous lives and spreads like wildfire, some comic relief, especially one that offers practical alternatives may be what the world needs. Besides, Rudyard Kipling did say that humor can help us keep our heads while others lose theirs.

The term elbump is a portmanteau of “elbow bump” and is part of what is being widely termed as the CoronaVirus etiquette. The World Health Organization and other government and independent health bodies are highly advocating for limited physical contact in the face of this pandemic. Enter, the elbump, the foot shake (also called the “Wuhan Shake”) and goodbye handshakes, hugs and cheek kisses.

The new CoronaVirus etiquette is going viral on social media, with several high-profile individuals, from heads-of-states to delegates, multinational organization heads to just regular people doing the elbump or the foot shake/Wuhan shake.

While the CoronaVirus etiquette may seem weird, we do hope that you all keep safe, observe self-quarantine.

Coronavirus at a Glance: Infographic | Elbump