Letter of Recommendation Writing Service and Editing Help

Letter of Recommendation Writing Service and Editing Help

The best LOR writers provide our professional letter of recommendation writing service and editing help. Pay for a letter of recommendation written from the perspective of an employer, manager, supervisor, professor, or colleague. We provide unique letter of recommendation writing services and editing help that enable our clients to stand out among the thousands of applications reviewed by an admissions committee or employers. If you need a recommendation letter for a friend, student, or employee, experts at our letter writing website can provide you with the solution you need.

Pay for Unique Professional Letter of Recommendation Writing Services

A letter of recommendation can be written to endorse someone for a job, internship, award, or university admission. To most individuals, writing recommendation letters for a friend, employee, or student applying to colleges, nursing school, school of public health, professional schools, graduate schools, or jobs is an unpleasant and time-consuming process. This is the situation even for most employers, supervisors, counselors, or lecturers eager to provide their recommendations because the letter writing process is time-consuming, and everyone is pressed for time.

Also, sometimes it isn’t easy to get the right words when writing a professional letter of recommendation. That is why at Panoply Statements Writing, we offer personalized letter of recommendation writing services and editing help. Our in-house letter of recommendation writers offer recommendation letter services from an employer’s, friend’s, colleague’s, supervisor’s, or lecturer’s perspective.

Some institutions require prospective students to provide the name, email, address, and institution of the employer, employee, or professor who they have requested to write them a recommendation letter. If this is the case in your situation, we can write a cogent recommendation letter that you will subsequently send to the designated recommender who will then review the document and submit it on the platform provided by the university.


Contact us and receive unique professional letter of recommendation writing services. Upon ordering our letter of recommendation service, we assure you that your LOR will be concise, free from any syntax or typographical errors, and written to support your suitability for the job, internship, award, or educational program of your dreams.

Employee’s, Student’s, Friend’s, or Colleague’s Letter of Recommendation Sample Components

Our proficient recommendation letter writers ensure to include the following seven core components in your professional LOR:

  1. Sender’s address
  2. Date
  3. Recipient’s address
  4. Salutation
  5. Re:
  6. Body
  7. Signing off
    On paying for our unique letter of recommendation writing service, you should expect that your LOR will contain a logical flow and encapsulates all the essential components.  

Letter of Recommendation Sample | Recommendation Letter Template

  1. Address

Formal letters of recommendation contain two addresses.

Sender’s address

[Street Address, City, Street ZIP Code],
Month Day, Year.

Recipient’s address

[Name of Recipient],
[City, Street Zip Code].

  1. Salutations

Out of common courtesy, salutations are essential. Our LOR writers use salutations starting with ‘Dear’, which are widely accepted. For example, Dear Sir/Madam or Dear Graduate Admission Committee Members.

  1. RE:

The RE acts as a heading that provides an overview of what is covered in the letter of recommendation. When writing the “RE” our LOR experts ensure that the content is bolded, written in Title-case, and underlined.
Examples include:
RE: Bobs’s Recommendation Letter to a Master’s Program.
RE: Ann’s Letter of Recommendation for a Scientific Award.
RE: Smith’s University Admission Recommendation Letter.
RE: Ann’s Recommendation Letter to a Doctor of Philosophy Program in Sociology
RE: Bobs’s Recommendation Letter for a Human Resource Post at your Organization.

  1. Body

Our professional recommendation letter writers ensure that the body of your letter of recommendation contains introduction, supporting, and conclusion paragraphs.
Recommendation Letter Introduction
Our recommendation letter writers begin your LOR with a statement outlining the purpose of writing the letter of recommendation. For example: Thank you for this opportunity to explain my admiration for Ann’s intellectual ability, professional competence, and dedication.  The expert LOR writer then includes a follow-up sentence that contains the recommender’s name, work, research, and educational background. We ensure that the introduction paragraph of your letter of recommendation also contains statements on the number of years the person recommending you has known you. Of importance, our competent writers include reasons that the recommender thinks your are a suitable candidate for the position, course, internship, or award.
Supporting paragraph
When writing the supporting paragraph of your letter of recommendation, our professional recommendation letter writers ensure that it contains the attributes, achievements, work, and educational experience that make the person being recommended the most suitable candidate.

  1. Recommendation Letter Conclusion

Our LOR writers conclude your letter by stating that the recommender believes that you will exhibit all the traits he/she stated in the document. Also, we request the person(s) the letter is addressed to consider your application favorably. Our writers conclude your LOR with a statement indicating that the recommender is available for additional inquiries about the candidate if the need arises.

  1. Signing Off a Recommendation Letter

The last component is signing off. An example of the signing off we use is:

It is easy to improve your letter with us. If you need your LOR to be edited, re-written, or improved, order our letter of recommendation writing service. Our unique LOR writers can provide you with the letter writing services you need to succeed.

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