Writing an Executive Resume

Writing an Executive Resume

Writing an executive resume to help you stand out among the hundreds of applications that employers receive daily.

Employers are looking for individuals with comprehensive applications that have been systematically written to present the candidates’ academic accomplishments, work experience, and skills. At our firm, we develop and edit resumes for our clients to demonstrate the overall qualifications that make them the best fit for a job. Our goal is to create exemplary professional/executive resumes for our clients to increase their probability of being successful. We have experts who have the capability of developing resumes for individuals seeking jobs at the entry, experienced, middle, and senior levels.

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If you are not sure of what to include in your resume or font to use, you have come to the right website. At Panoply Statements Writing, we provide resume writing and editing services. Differentiation is a significant concept of the recruitment process and having a unique and exceptional resume increases the chances of been called for an interview. Having an exemplary resume is one of the ways that you can distinguish yourself in the modern competitive market. We have experts who collaboratively work with you to develop a resume that is specific to the job that you intend to pursue. To be part of our dynamic clientele, all you have to do is chat with us or fill the order form. Let us know how we can help!

Our Criteria for Writing an Executive Resume

Step 1: Reviewing all the information provided to acquire a comprehensive understanding of our clients.

Step 2: Our experts analyze the job description and specification to understand what is required by the employer.

Step 3: Our experts apply systems and creative thinking to develop an exemplary, unique, and grammatically correct resume specific for the position you are applying. We ensure to present your skills, experience, and achievements to match the job requirements.

Step 4: The developed resume is then forwarded to an editor who proofreads and critiques the manner that the content is presented.

Our experts ensure that your professional resume is well organized and easy to read by:

  • Choosing an effective and consistent format,
  • Bolding, italicizing, underlining, and capitalizing headings,
  • Including all relevant experience, skills, and achievements,
  • Strategically writing the most important information near the top and/or left side of the page,
  • Using a footer with your last name and page number if the resume extends to the second page.

Our Experts Consider the Layout and Language

The layout and language are indispensable facets of your professional resume, so our experts:

  • Use headings that relate the experience to the role applied,
  • Apply bullet points or short phrases instead of long paragraphs,
  • Make the document appealing by using an appropriate font and format,
  • Use positive language and action verbs to describe the educational and professional experiences.

The table below contains some of the action verbs our experts use:

Experience Action Verbs
Achievement Accelerated, competed, expedited, and improved.
Administrative Arranged, coordinated, executed, and implemented.
Communication Addressed, corresponded, edited, and interviewed.
Creative Authored, constructed, established, and invented.
Financial Allocated, computed, estimated, and tabulated.
Technical Adapted, constructed, experimented, and reinforced.
Lead/Manage Acquired, chaired, enlisted, and instituted.
Research/Analytical Assessed, critiqued, explored, and interpreted.
Plan/Organize Allocated, consolidated, employed, and scheduled.
Help/Teach Advised, counseled, educated, and instructed.

A Professional/ Executive Resume should Contain

  • Name and Contact Information.
  • Education
  • Work Experience.
  • Skills

Our Guarantee when Writing an Executive Resume

  • Our experts will develop a document that meticulously showcases your experience while highlighting your qualifications specific to the desired job position.
  • You will receive full value for your money because we will deliver a compelling, well-organized, and easy to read document.
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