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Make your application stand out among the hundreds of letters and emails that Journal Editors receive by procuring our journal submission cover letter writing services and editing help.

If you are in need of an effectively developed cover letter to help you lobby for your thesis, project, or dissertation manuscript to journal editors, you are at the right website.

Our experts have the prowess to edit or write persuasive and coherent cover letters that are specific to the journal’s instructions.

Our experts comply with all specifications to develop a well-written cover letter that will help your manuscript reach the next stage of the process; being sent out for peer review.

Journal submission cover letter.
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Why an Exemplary Journal Submission Cover Letter Matters

Our experts understand that the cover letter is far from a mere formality. Thus, we ensure to write it with the same care that you wrote your manuscript. We have experts who have written exemplary cover letters to different journals.

A coherently written journal submission cover letter helps in:

  • Introducing your research or study to the journal editors,
  • Explaining to the editors why the journal’s readers would find the manuscript to be of interest.
  • Convincing the editors that the manuscript would increase the impact factor for that journal.
  • Increasing your chances of being published.

Our Process for Writing the Best Cover Letter

Upon providing us with an abstract of your manuscript and the journal you wish your work to be published, our experts follow an ABC procedure.

Analyze Journal Submission Requirements

Our experts research to:

  • Identify similar articles that have previously been published in the journal.
  • Check whether the journal has specific instructions on what authors should include in their cover letters.

The majority of journals require the author to disclose the reviewers, funding received to conduct the study (if any), and conflict of interest (if any).

Begin Writing Your Journal Submission Cover Letter

Our experts:

  • Include the institution’s letterhead (if any), your name, institutional affiliation, address, and date.
  • If known, we address the editor who will be reviewing your manuscript by their name.
  • In the first paragraph, we include the title and type (review, research, case study) of your manuscript. Then, our experts provide a brief explanation of the background to your study and question/s that the author sought to answer and why.
  • Include a concise explanation of what was done, the main findings, and their significance.
  • Based on the journal’s aims and scope, we indicate the reason(s) why the readers of the journal would be interested in the manuscript.
  • Conclude by stating the corresponding author and any journal-specific requirements, if any.

Importantly, our experts:

  1. Avoid using hyperboles; instead, we succinctly state your manuscript’s contribution to the field.
  2. Suffix your name and include your post-graduate degrees, title, or appointment.


Our editors review the cover letter using the following checklist.

Journal Submission Cover Letter Checklist

  • Editor’s name (if known).
  • Name of the journal.
  • Manuscript’s title and type (review, research, case study).
  • Date of submission.
  • Study background, research question (s), and hypotheses.
  • Description of the methodology applied.
  • Study findings and their significance.
  • Contact information on the corresponding author (if any)
  • All instructions were adhered.
  • The document if free of typographical errors.
  • Spelling/grammar are correct.
  • No casual language was used.
  • The cover letter does not contain any idiosyncrasies.

Our editors ensure that all cover letters contain the following essential declarations by the author(s):

  • We ascertain that neither has this manuscript/document been published elsewhere, nor is it under consideration by another journal.
  • This manuscript was submitted to ABC journal after all authors agreed and consented.

Journal Submission Cover Letter Template 〉〉

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Journal Submission Cover Letter | Template

Get help with your Journal Submission Cover Letter

The information we require from you to write a unique journal submission cover letter.

  • Target journal
  • Manuscript/Abstract.
  • Authors
  • Funding (if any).
  • Conflict of interest (if any).
  • Institutional letterhead.
  • Suggested peer-reviews.
  • Any other information you consider relevant.
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