Modern Nursing Resume Writing Services and Resume Editing

Modern Nursing Resume Writing Services

Technological advancement and increased competition are some of the attributes that describe the modern job market. Developing a perfect and modern nursing resume that presents your skills, competence, and accomplishments in an appealing manner can be challenge, and that is why we offer affordable modern nursing resume writing services and editing help. We use words that best describe you and select a nursing job application resume layout that is captivating to the reviewer’s eye and ATS friendly.


  1. Nursing Job Application Resume Reading Robot/ Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  2. Our Modern Nursing Resume Writing Services Process.
  3. Modern Nurse Resume Example.
  4. Components of a Modern Nursing Resume.
  5. Why choose our modern nursing resume writing services?

Nursing Job Application Resume Reading Robot/ Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Nurse recruiters and managers rarely read the submitted resumes in detail. Employers may spend less than 30 seconds skimming your resume, but a majority of healthcare employers use resume reading robots to pre-screen and shortlist potential candidates. The resume-reading robots are programmed to forward the resumes of the most qualified candidates to the decision-makers.

A resume reading robot is a program, often referred to as an Application Tracking Software (ATS) that is used by employers/recruiters to find candidates whose resumes match their job description.

If you are wondering “how do I create a resume that is optimized for the application tracking software?” Worry not because our resume writers and document editors can help. We understand how the algorithm works and tailor your nursing resume to use the artificial intelligence (AI) to your advantage.

Not all recruiters/ employers use an ATS, but their adoption is growing steadfastly. Whether a recruiter uses an ATS or not should not be an issue because we develop for you a modern nursing resume that is suitable for the specific nursing job vacancy, regardless of the screening procedures in place. Order our modern nursing resume  writing services.

Our Modern Nursing Resume Writing Process

Having a vague, incoherent, and uninspiring resume places you at a disadvantage, especially considering the competitive nature of the best nursing jobs.  At Panoply Statements Writing, we create impeccable modern resumes for registered nurses (RNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CAN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), nurse specialists, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) applying for jobs. Our resume writers develop modern nursing resumes by adhering to four simple yet effective steps.

Step 1: Do Research

Our resume writers conduct research to understand your potential employer. We search the health facility’s or organization’s official website, Twitter, Instagram, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Understanding the employer enables our resume writers to develop a contextual resume that increases your chances of proceeding to the next recruitment stage; being called for an interview. Our modern nursing resume writing services are based on evidence. Order Now!

Tip: Ensure you fulfill all the required qualifications before applying for a job.

Step 2: Choose a Layout

When developing a modern nurse resume, we combine the appealing attributes of the reverse chronological and functional layout. Using a combination of the layout enables us to use keywords related with the job description to emphasize your skills, accomplishments, and competence. Additionally, a combined layout allows us to include a professional summary that contains a description of your suitability for the job.

Step 3: Select the Right Formatting and Design

It is essential to design a human and ATS friendly resume. The resume writers at Panoply Statements Writing consider the margins; alignment; length; font style, color, and size; and special characters to ensure that your modern nurse resume is appealing to the human-reviewer’s eye and ATS-friendly as well.

Margins. A modern nursing resume should contain ample white-space balance. Our nurse resume writers ensure that that your resume has the perfect white space to text ratio by using top and bottom margins of 1 inch and side margins of 0.63 inches.

Alignment.  When creating your professional resume, our writers center the core titles and align all the other content to the left. Although justifying allows the even distribution of content and provides the document with the crisp edges, using the alignment leaves uneven gaps between the words, which makes it difficult to read.

Length. The length of a modern nursing resume is understandably dependent on a candidate’s professional and educational experience. The recommended length of a modern nursing resume in one to two pages. When writing your resume, we include all the essential and relevant information to the job you are applying for; be it an administrative, executive, or bedside care provider. In the one to two pages, we ensure to include keywords associated with the position you are seeking, as a strategy of ensuring that your nursing resume is ATS friendly.

Font Style, Color, and Size. We use the font styles, colors and sizes that are ideal for the ATS and friendly to the human eye. In terms of font style, we use Times New Roman or Arial. We use font sizes that range from 10 to 22 points. We use different font sizes in various categories of your nursing professional resume sections to increase the appeal of the content. We provide professional and modern nursing resume writing services, thus, we only use professional font colors.

Special Characters. To some extent, simplicity is considered as the ultimate sophistication. We do not include special characters that affect the readability of your modern resume. See our resume sample to gain a comprehensive perspective of the type of modern nursing resume wring services we provide.

Step 4: Quality Assurance

Once your executive nursing resume has been created, it is forwarded to a resume editor. The professional nursing resume editor reviews the document to ensure that:

  1. Your nursing resume does not contain any grammatical or syntax errors. This is done to ensure that you receive a perfect resume.
  2. The document is human and ATS friendly.
  3. The professional resume contains keywords used by the employer in the job description. Using job related keywords ensures that your resume matches what the employer considers a suitable candidate.
  4. No fancy fonts or unrecognizable symbols were used.
  5. The executive nursing resume contains all the components relevant to the job
  6. Contains statements and words that best describe you.

Your perfect job application-nursing resume is a button away. Chat with our customer support agents now in case you have any enquiries about our services. Our goal is to increase your probability of being successful by developing for you a modern nursing resume that differentiates you from other candidates seeking the same job.

Components of a Modern Nursing Resume

On ordering a modern nursing resume from us, you should be assured that it will contain the following core components [See the free nurse resume sample below]:
1. Contact Information
We begin by including your most important details at top of the job application nursing resume:
Name: We write your name in bold and using a font ranging from 15 to 18.
Nursing credentials: We include the degrees earned, licensure, and certification.
Email address: The included e-mail address should be professional. Some employers use e-mail as the primary channel to contact their shortlisted candidates.
Address: As a security precaution, we only include your city and state.
Phone number: Other employers can decide to call or text their shortlisted candidates, which makes it essential to include your phone number.
LinkedIn profile. Including a LinkedIn profile and links to other online professional portfolios you might have could provide you with a niche over other nursing job applicants.

Contact Information of a Modern Nursing Resume
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To reduce the chances of you being discriminated against, we ensure that your age, gender, religion, creed, or race does not appear on the resume. This is also in accordance with instituted measures in a majority of countries on fair employment practice.
Order your modern resume now!

2. Personal Introduction/ Professional Summary
We then customize for you an attention-grabbing personal introduction that contains:
Your nursing experience in years.
Keywords associated with the nursing job.
Core attributes and competencies in reference to providing patient-centered care.
Your intra and inter-professional capabilities.
A sample personal introduction/ professional summary is: A doctor of nursing practice nurse who possesses advanced levels of clinical judgment and understanding of the importance of evidence-based care, inter-professional collaboration, advocacy, and the use of patient care technologies to make clinical decisions. Providing care in the acute medical setting for the past five years as a nurse practitioner has increased my ability to formulate clinical practice guidelines and develop evidence-based interventions.
3. Nursing Skills and Areas of Expertise
In this section we include your hard and soft skills that have been outlined in the nursing job posting: Nursing hard skills refer to technical, hands-on, and measurable competencies you possess and support your ability to effectively perform a job. Examples include direct patient care, EMR/ EHR systems (Epic, eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, Praxis), needs assessment, patient monitoring and evaluation, and service planning. In contrast, soft skills are the personal attributes that make you a competent nurse and include interpersonal communication, cultural awareness, critical thinking and problem solving, collaborative, and professionalism.
4. Education
We include your educational achievements in a reverse chronological order. We state the degree of study, institution, and year of completion. [See the free nurse resume sample bellow]
5. Professional Experience
In this section, we state your professional experience in a reverse chronological order. We include the name and location of the hospital/healthcare facility, title held, and role performed. We ensure that we describe your specific nursing duties using active verbs.
6. Licensure and Certifications
Licensure and certifications are core focus of an ATS. We ensure to highlight all the state and national certification that you possess.
7. Awards, Accomplishments, Affiliations
We include awards, accolades, and nursing organization affiliations a technique of illustrating your uniqueness.
8. Volunteer Work
By nature, nurses possess a social responsibility, we use this section to illustrate your philanthropic demeanor and passion for helping others.

Why Choose Our Nursing Resume Writing Services?

You should choose us because our resume writers:

  1. Have extensive experience developing modern nursing resume that are both human and ATS friendly,
  2. Use active verbs to describe your specific nursing duties.
  3. Include positive adjectives and job related keywords.
  4. Do not use clip art, photos, varying font types, and special characters that are hard for ATS to recognize.
  5. Include your name and page number at header or footer section of each page after the first one.
  6. Ensure that personal information that could lead to discrimination or that is in contradiction with fair employment regulations is not included.
  7. Ensure your resume does not contain any typographical and grammatical errors.
  8. Ensure that the selected nurse resume template is editable.
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