Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Panoply Statements Writing site, an online platform that increases your probability of succeeding by developing exemplary documents.

Please read the following terms and conditions that were effected to promote a transparent and cordial relationship between the clients/customers and us.

For these terms and conditions to be applicable, you must be of legal age. If you are a child, you must ask one of your parents or legal guardian to read and accept the terms and conditions on your behalf.

By filling the order form or clicking the button you explicitly state that you are an adult accepting the terms and conditions on your behalf of yourself or your child.

If you do not agree with the stipulated terms and conditions or you are not an adult, you must cease from placing an order.

Section A: Glossary of Terms

Client/customer/you. The terms refer to anyone who makes an order.

We/Us refers to Panoply Statements Writing.

Order/services/product refers to any document required and paid for by the client.

Section B: Provision of Services

When ordering your product, you will be required to provide us with the necessary information to complete your order. The personal information you provide us is handled per our Privacy Policy. The order net payable is automatically generated based on the urgency, the number of pages, work type, and discount code (where applicable). The count down on the deadline only begins after you make payment via our secure platform and provide us with all the information required to develop your document, as you instructed on the order description section. You will be required to provide personal information that cannot be freely sourced online. Once your order is finalized, it will be sent to you via the Email address you provided on the order form.

Section C: Client’s Right to Reject the Work, Revisions, and Refunds

Once your order is completed, you will be given adequate time to go through the work and determine whether it is at par with the instructions provided. If you are not satisfied with your product, you have the right to demand a free revision and provide clear and significant reasons. You will have a grace period of 30-days since order delivery to claim a free revision, which must be congruent with the instructions provided when the order was being placed. If you are not satisfied with the work even after the correction, you are free to seek a refund. Conversely, refunds are only made at our discretion with a deduction of the transaction fee. The lack of admission, failure to be recruited for a job, and/or any other factor beyond our control does not merit a client to demand for a refund.

Section D: Product Ownership

The sole ownership of the product developed by us is transferred to our customers via Email. We are/will not be liable for any legal actions emanating from the unethical, illegal, or wrongful use of the products delivered to the client via email. The customers’ right to own the product delivered will be revoked once a refund is provided and we will regain the authority to reuse the product but without disclosing the client’s personal information. The owner of the document is solely responsible for any and/all legal or disciplinary actions arising from the improper, unethical, and/or illegal use of the product. We provide services to increase your probability of being successful. We conversely do not guarantee admission, job recruitment, and/or any other factors that are beyond our control.

Section E: Right to Refuse an Order

We adhere to anti-discrimination laws. Conversely, we will refuse to offer our service to clients below the age of 18, anyone who makes payment using a stolen credit card, and customers who do not provide the adequate information required to complete the product successfully ordered even after being requested to do so.


Thank you for using our services

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