EB2 NIW Proposed Endeavor Statement Writing Service and Editing Help

EB2 NIW Proposed Endeavor Statement Writing Service and Editing Help

One of the core components of your EB2 NIW application is the proposed endeavor. In this post, we detail our professional EB2 NIW proposed endeavor statement writing service and editing help, which we offer with the purpose of increasing your chances of a successful application. The aim of a proposed endeavor is to highlight how your work will benefit the national interests of the United States and demonstrate how you will use your expertise to make significant contributions to your respective field.

Proposed Endeavor and the Three Factors USCIS Considers for an EB-2 NIW 

When writing your endeavor statement, we ensure to present sufficient information to prove that your proposed endeavor (a) has substantial merit and national importance, (b) you are well positioned to advance the proposed endeavor, and (c) whatever you intend to do will be beneficial to the national interest of the United States.

Factor 1: Substantial Merit and National Importance

The first factor that the USCIS considers is whether your proposed endeavor has substantial merit and national importance. Hence, it is critical to explain how you have the potential to positively contribute to the economic, health, educational, or cultural aspects of the United States. We use the information you provide us to demonstrate that your work has a direct impact on the national interests of the country and that it is consistent with the government’s priorities.

Factor 2: Your Ability to Advance the Proposed Endeavor

The second aspect considered by USCIS is whether you are in an ideal position to promote the proposed endeavor. When writing your proposed endeavor statement, we aim to show that you have the relevant skills, knowledge, experience, and competencies to further development in your specific field of expertise. We focus on academic papers, patents, awards, and recognitions, that demonstrate your skills and accomplishments in that sector.

Factor 3: Beneficial to the United States to Waive the Job Offer and Labor Certification Requirements

The third factor is whether it would be advantageous for the United States to waive the employment offer and, consequently, the permanent labor certification requirements. In this case, the requirement is to show that the value of your work to the country surpasses any potential advantages to recruiting an American for the position. It is important to explain how your work is unique and that you possess skills and expertise that are not readily available in the United States labor market

How We Increase Your Chances of Success?

1. We include your educational background and professional experience – Doing so defines your field of expertise and how it relates to your professional background. The purpose of doing this is to help establish your qualifications and expertise.
2. Explain the specific problem(s) or challenge(s) that you intend to resolve or address through your work in the United States. Here, we ensure to explain your approach to mitigating or solving the problem identified, highlighting the invaluable skills and knowledge you will contribute.

3. After we have established that you have the merit to fulfill your proposed endeavor, we explain how your work will benefit the national interests of the United States, which could be by creating jobs, advancing technology and expertise, meeting sustainability initiatives, improving healthcare, introducing best practices, and so forth.
4. We then explain any supporting evidence, such as publications, patents, or research papers, you might have to support your proposed endeavor.
5. In the proposed endeavor statement, we ensure to provide your competencies clearly and offer specific examples, which helps avoid generic or vague phrases. The more concrete examples you have, the better your chances at a successful EB-2 NIW application.

Get professional EB2 NIW proposed endeavor statement writing service and editing help at Panoply Statements Writing Services. We highly encourage that once we write or edit your proposed endeavor, present it to your immigration attorney to review and provide feedback. Our goal is to add value and support your EB-2 NIW petition success; hence, we appreciate inter-professional collaboration.

You can order our services by initiating a chat with our customer support agent. Our process in 5 simple steps: (1) Explain what you need, (2) Make an order, (3) We send you a short questionnaire and request to provide documents that help our experts develop your proposed endeavor, and (5) Deliver the proposed endeavor within the agreed timeframe.

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