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Are you one of our return clients who needs an SOP editor to review, evaluate, or rate your graduate school admission statement of purpose and provide feedback for free? If yes, welcome back to Panoply Statements Writing. Our masters and Ph.D. SOP editors provide statement of purpose free review services to all our return clients and offer guidelines on the areas that need improvement. All you need to do is chat with us using the platform on the website. Our SOP editors will provide you with unbiased criticism to improve your chances of being accepted to the university and program of choice.

Below are some of the common mistakes identified by our professional SOP reviewers over the years of providing statement of purpose online review and editing services.

  1. The use of informal and/or incoherent language when writing a graduate school admission SOP.
  2. SOP paragraphs that lack of logical flow of content.
  3. Masters admission SOP containing paragraphs where individuals state their experience, educational background, and attributes without explanations.
  4. Masters  SOP exceeding the required word count. 
  5. Not answering all the graduate application prompts. The commonly asked questions are: Why do you want to study your chosen major specifically at ABC university? and How have you improved or hope to improve the human condition in your community?
  6. Grammatical issues.

To receive tips on how you can improve your statement of purpose to effectively represent you as a suitable candidate for the university or program, chat with our customer service agents and let them know the SOP review services you need. 

Writing an SOP based on the Statement of Purpose Free Services Feedback

Upon receiving our SOP editors’ feedback, this guide shows how to improve improve you masters or PhD admission statement of purpose. Also, if you have not yet written your undergraduate or graduate statement of purpose and you are wondering “Where do I begin? “ Well, worry not as we have a simple five-step solution for you too.

NOTE: We recommend that you should have already formulated your university admission curriculum vitae before beginning on your statement of purpose. If you have not yet developed your  admission C.V, let us create one for you.

Step 1: Review the University’s Requirements. Each university has its requirements and it is essential that your statement of purpose meets the minimum requirements. Based on the requirements, you can formulate a checklist that you use to ensure each component has been fulfilled. The following is an example of a statement of purpose free review services checklist.

☐Document length (number of words/pages)

☐Font, font style, and font size.

Step 2: Write an Outline. Writing an outline helps you in organizing your thoughts and ideas in a sensible fashion. The outline should be categorized into different sections. {See a more detailed Academic SOP Outline} The following is an example of a PhD and masters statement of purpose outline.

Title:  Statement of Purpose: Masters of Science in Data Science

Paragraph One: Introduction my MS in Data Science Statement of Purpose

    • Purpose for writing the SOP.
    • My core attributes that make me a suitable candidate for the MS program.
    • University and program of application
    • Outline of the rest of the document

Paragraph Two: Reasons I am interested in the Institution and Course

    • Infrastructure
    • Competence of faculty members

Paragraph Three: Educational Background

    • Year, institution, course, and competence gained

Paragraph Four: Work Experience and/or Research Conducted

    • Year, institution, course, and activities conducted.

Paragraph Five: Goals

    • Short academic and professional goals
    • Long term academic and professional goals

Paragraph Six: Conclusion

    • How will you contribute to learning

Step 3: Write each Paragraph. Ensure that the content is presented systematically and logically.
Step 4: Review. Read through the written statement of purpose and ask a third-party to review it for you.
Step 5: Submit. Send your application and await feedback.
If you’re still experiencing difficulty in formulating your PhD or masters admission statement of purpose, we do provide affordable writing and editing services.

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Our statement of purpose free review services are provided by competent SOP editors who understand the core components on a graduate admission document. We also offer statement of purpose writing and editing services at an affordable price. Guided by our mantra, your success is our responsibility, we purpose to develop outstanding admission documents. Thus, should you need a professional to write or edit your masters or PhD admission statement of purpose, contact us or speak to a representative on live chat.

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