National Interest Waiver Recommendation Letter

EB1 or EB2 National Interest Waiver Recommendation Letter Editing Help

Engage a professional to edit and re-write your EB1 or EB2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) recommendation letter from your employer’s or faculty member’s perspective. Our editors understand that recommendation letters for EB-1 and EB-2 NIW should be concise and professionally formatted. Therefore, if you are a manager, executive, individual with exceptional achievements, holder of an advanced degree, or person with outstanding ability in need of a recommendation letter for your EB-1 or EB-2 green card written, edited, and/or re-written, we can provide you with the precise services you need.

What is an EB1 or EB2 NIW Petition Recommendation Letter?

The reference letter, testimonial letter, supporting letter, or recommendation letter for an EB1 or EB2 NIW petition is a personalized document that should be written by experts in your field to provide evidence used by the USCIS officers to determine your qualification for the green card.


The experts required to write the recommendation or reference letter are busy individuals, and this is where we can help. Our experts can write, re-write, proofread, and edit your NIW petition recommendation letter or reference letter, ensuring the document contains statements explaining your intrinsic merits. Consequently, our experts will need some personal information to develop a persuasive recommendation letter.


Specifically, the personal information we need to develop your EB1 or EB2 NIW Petition recommendation letter includes the following (1) expert’s qualifications, (2) testimonials from the expert of your exemplary accomplishments, experience, or skills; (3) recommender’s letterhead; and (4) the potential benefit on a national scope they believe you possess.


Note: All the information you provide us will be handled with absolute confidentiality and solely be used to write your recommendation letter.      

Re-writing and Editing Your EB1 or EB2 National Interest Waiver Recommendation Letter

When re-writing or editing your EB1 or EB2 NIW recommendation letter/ reference letter, our experts ensure to logically and concisely discuss how you fulfill all the requirements. When developing the recommendation letter, we ensure that the content on how your educational background, professional experience, relevant skills, success, and/or current progress make you a qualified candidate for the EB-1 or EB-2 green card. The letter that can be written from the perspective of your manager, employer, supervisor, professor, or colleague should contain accurate information showing the impact you have made in your respective field.


For example, if you are a pilot, our experts ensure to discuss at least three of the following concepts in your EB-2 NIW recommendation (1) years of experience as a pilot; (2) valid licensure; (3) membership to a professional pilot association; (4) awards issued or recognition from government entities, peers, professional organizations, or businesses; and (5) flight hours achieved. The requirements included vary based on the experiences that the person recommending you can explain.

EB1 or EB2 NIW Petition Recommendation Letter Sample Structure

The EB1 or EB2 NIW recommendation letter should contain eleven core sections, namely: (1) letterhead, (2) expert’s address, (3) date, (4) USCIS relevant service center address, (5) salutation, (6) RE, (7) introduction, (9) body paragraphs, (10) conclusion paragraph, and (11) signing off.


We ensure that the NIW recommendation letter introduction paragraph contains information about the expert, their title, employment, and a summary of significant contributions. In the NIW petition recommendation letter body paragraph, we include information on the association between the expert and the beneficiary. We explain how the expert and beneficiary know each other and the beneficiary’s significant contributions. Additionally, we describe how the beneficiary’s experience and accomplishments merit their EB1 or EB2 green card award. In the NIW recommendation letter conclusion paragraph, we finalize by addressing the USCIS officer.   

Why Choose Our EB1 or EB2 National Interest Waiver Recommendation Letter?

When you order our services, we include information on the significant contributions you have made in your field. We ensure the content included is focused, original, personalized, and written formally. In addition, our professional EB1 or EB2 NIW recommendation letter writers ensure that the content is written affirmatively and professionally. Get a plagiarism-free and persuasive document to provide the USCIS officer with a succinct understanding of the significant contributions and merit of your work. Please get in touch with one of our Customer Experience Agents and let them know how to help.

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