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We provide the best job application and university admission reference letter writing help and editing services. If you are wondering, “who can I pay to write my reference letter?” Our competent writers and editors can help, especially in a scenario where your referees are pressed for time. Writing a reference letter can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Thus, at Panoply Statements Writing, we seek to help referees develop academic and professional letters that adequately represent their applicants’ competence and suitability for a job or university program.

Do Academic and Professional Reference Letter Matter?

Short answer; YES! In the increasingly competitive market, having exemplary university admission or job application documents is a sure way of distinguishing yourself from the multitude of applicants. One of the documents often required by employers or universities during application is a reference letter. A reference letter is similar to a letter of recommendation. The only difference is the writer of each document. Just as the name suggests, a reference letter should be written by the people you have included in the References sections of your executive resume or university admission curriculum vitae.

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Purpose of a Reference Letter

The letter is written by a referee to attest to the candidate’s personal skills, attributes, experience, and achievement that make the applicant an ideal fit for the position, job, or program. A letter of reference is used to support a candidate’s application. There are two types of reference letters: Professional and character reference.

Professional Reference Letter

A professional letter of reference contains a discussion of the job-related skills, experience, and attributes that support the suitability of a candidate for a vacant position or university application. Also, the applicant’s personality, job performance, ability to work with others collaboratively, and the capability to perform duties in adherence to the professional standards or laws should be discussed. All the stated attributes need to be supported with real-life examples.

Character Reference Letter

A character reference letter is written to describe the candidate’s personality, abilities, and disposition. Often, a character reference letter is written to provide general information about a candidate without necessarily inferring to the individual’s suitability for a job, internship, or university program.

Characteristics of a Quality Character or Professional Letter of Reference 〉〉

Characteristics of a Character or Professional Letter of Reference


Including an applicant’s race, ethnicity, religion, political stance, age, marital status, and or health status is inappropriate, and to some extent, unethical.

What should be included in a letter of reference?

» How do you know the applicant?

» For how long have you known the applicant?

» What significant achievement ac can you attest about the applicant?

» Why do you think the applicant will be able to succeed in graduate school or a position?

» Does the applicant have leadership skills or potential?

» Can the applicant work alone and in a group?

Reference Letter Template 〉 〉

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Reference Letter Template
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